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If you have views that depend on each other in an application designer a project, you'll soon run into a situation where if they are built out of order, the build process will error.

Fortunately there is a way to specify the order in which to build views: Build Sequence No which you can find in the Record Type tab of a view definition.


By default the value of this field is 1. You could specify a sequence for every view, but all you really need to do is increase the build sequence number of any views to be greater than the view they rely on (i.e greater than 1).

For example:

  • BUILD_1ST_VW build sequence no = 1 (default)
  • BUILD_2ND_VW build sequence no = 2 (or greater)

That way, BUILD_1ST_VW will always be built before BUILD_2ND_VW. Test by building all views and checking the build script to make sure BUILD_2ND_VW is further down in the script than BUILD_1ST_VW.

Repeat until you have a build script that is in the correct order for any build dependencies.

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