Backup before Migrating a Project

One common problem with migrating Application Designer projects between your environments, is that when you migrate from one environment to another, you might clobber definitions by writing over the top of them. Compare reports will help you pick this up but I suggest also taking the following steps before migrating just in case you need to rollback any changes.

Here are the steps:

  • In the source environment, copy just the project definition (no objects) to the target environment from the source. To do this, in the copy project dialog, deselect all definitions but ensure that Copy Project Definition is checked.
  • In the target environment, you will now have a project with the same name and will include any definitions that already exist. Any new definitions will show up in the project but will be invalid. This is fine.
  • In the target environment, export the project to a file. This will be your pre-migration backup.
  • Finally back in your source environment, you can perform a full migration (all definition).

Now, if, unluckily you have clobbered a definition, and need it back, you can get it back from the backup file. It's not all that intuitive but it does give you a way to go back if required.

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