No Colon Page Field Property

PeopleSoft delivers a property No colon which you can set in the label tab of any page field with a label. By default this field is checked meaning that the label will not have a colon (:) character put at the end of its text.


Unfortunately, the the default setting for every new field is for the No colon property to be set even though PeopleSoft delivered pages usually have colons in field labels.

So, when you are developing a page, you need to manually go through and unset the No colon property on every field with a label. If you've done this in the past, you'll know that this can get rather tedious!

An alternative is to update the value in the PeopleTools table. This property is the LBLLOC field in the record PSPNLFIELD. A value of 1 in the LBLLOC field means the No colon property is on (default). A value of 0 will turn it off. However, you want to be careful that you only change this value if the field has a label ID (LABEL_ID) and the label type (LBLTYPE) is greater than 0 (there is a label being used).

The following SQL will find any pages in your project where the No colon property is set and the page has a field with a label. Remember to replace {PROJECT_NAME} with the name of your project.

    PNLNAME in (
        select OBJECTVALUE1 as PNLNAME
        from PSPROJECTITEM
        where PROJECTNAME = '{PROJECT_NAME}'
        and OBJECTTYPE = 5
    and LABEL_ID != ' '
    and LBLTYPE > 0
    and LBLLOC = 1

Now, provided you accept the risks of updating a PeopleTools table, here is the update statement you would use to unset the No colon property on all page fields that have a label for a given page. Remember to replace {PAGE_NAME} with the name of the page.

set LBLLOC = 0
and LABEL_ID != ' '
and LBLTYPE > 0
and LBLLOC = 1;
NOTE: while I've tested and haven't had any issues, I do have to caution that this is a modification to a PeopleTools table and could have unexpected results.

Also, caching can cause you grief. If you find that after you have run the update statement, colons are still not appearing, try altering something slightly on the page in application designer, resetting it and then saving the page. This should cause the colons to start appearing.

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