Record Lookup Exclusion

PeopleTools options allow for certain prompt records/tables to be excluded from an auto look up. This can be extremely useful when the prompt table deals with a large data set or has unavoidable slow performance, but still needs a prompt table for validation purposes.

A good example is the PEOPLE_SRCH view in PeopleSoft HRMS/Campus Solutions. This view is used for row level security and validation of EMPLIDs and used on a number of delivered search pages. If it is not excluded from auto look up, whenever a user gets to one of these search pages and presses the prompt button on the EMPLID field, the system performs a full search of all EMPLIDs! Slow to say the least.

To add a record/table to the look up exclusion list:

PeopleTools > Utilities > Administration > Lookup Exclusion Table


Behind the scenes this is stored in the single table, PSRECXL.

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