Record Naming Conventions

This is the naming convention (prefixes/suffixes) recommeded by PeopleSoft in PeopleBooks for Record objects. Make sure you use the appropriate suffix based on the record type to be consistent with this convention.


Prefix Description
AUDIT_ Identifies record definitions that store audit information for other records.
DERIVED_ Identifies shared record definitions (across an application module or group) that have fields for PeopleCode events.
FUNCLIB_ Identifies record definitions that contain written PeopleCode functions, as opposed to built-in functions. You can include these records in the component and call them as functions. These self-developed functions are generally located in FieldFormula events, and the records are usually derived.
R_ Identifies work record definitions for Structured Query Report reports. The remainder of the record name consists of the program or report ID.
WEBLIB_ Identifies record definitions that store internet scripts. Internet scripts are generally located in FieldFormula PeopleCode events. You must grant access in the Security component for a WEBLIB record with an internet script before it can be run in a PeopleCode program.


Suffix Description
_DVW Identifies a dynamic view.
_TBL Identifies an edit or prompt table that contains data that is used for validation, as opposed to data that is maintained by the application. Prompt tables store commonly used values. They include, but are not limited to, control tables, which store company-wide values. For example, the location table (LOCATION_TBL) stores values for all operating locations in which your company does business; the country table (COUNTRY_TBL) stores values for all valid countries.

Note this is the convention for setup tables - transaction tables do not normally have the underscore _TBL suffix
_QVW Identifies a query view.
_SBR Identifies subrecords (partial records that are used in other record definitions for common fields)
_VW Identifies a record definition that is physically implemented by defining a SQL view.
_WL Identifies the record as a worklist record definition.
_WRK Identifies derived work records.
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