Project has been updated by another user

If you are migrating projects between environments and you have modified the project in the target environment, copied the project from the source, then tried to save the project in the target environment without reloading it first, you will get an error along the lines:

PROJECT - ENG has been updated by another user. (3,2)

This is PeopleSoft telling you that there are synchronisation (version) issues between the project in the database and the one you are trying to save. For this case you can simply reload the project using these steps in Application Designer:

File > New Project [OK] File > Open > [Your Project]

However, if you get nastier errors like this:

Illegal uncommitted SQL cursor detected. Close down all windows and reboot. (22,3)

Then it really is time to close and restart Application Designer (and possibly even restart your PC)! Don't keep working with such errors, you'll pay for it as Application Designer will most likely crash soon!

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