Browser Compare Reports

I find that browser compare reports are a lot easier to use than standard compare reports as they provide a nice dash-board style interface that lets you drill down from a high level summary of differences to the individual differences in definitions. They also provide a nifty search option.

To generate a browser compare report: perform a compare and report as usual in app designer.

Tools > Compare and Report
  • When the compare screen appears, click on the Options button
  • Navigate to the Report Options tab.
  • Check the Generate Browser Reports check box.


Note the report output directory (C:\Oracle\PeopleSoft\reports in the example). This is where the browser reports will be generated. You can also change the font size and settings.

If you want to change the output location of the browser reports, you can set it in:

Tools > Options > General (tab).

Once the report has been generated, you can open it by double clicking on the Browser Report Created message that appears in the application designer output window:


Alternatively, you can navigate directly to the report output directory and open the file CompareViewer.html.

If you can't open the file CompareViewer.html make sure that you have the setup folder in your PS_HOME directory, particularly if you have installed PeopleTools locally.

You can also generate browser compare reports by running application designer through the command line. To do so:

  • Pass the report directory flag e.g. -ROD C:\Temp
  • Pass the generate browser (XML) report flag e.g. -CMXML 1
NOTE: that migrate project generates browser compare reports for you with the compare option.

Here's an example of the syntax you would use to generate a browser report by calling pside.exe (application designer) from the command line:

pside.exe -HIDE -PJM %project% -CT %dbtype% -CO %user% -CP %pwd% -CD %srcdb% 
-TD %tgtdb% -TO %user% -TP %pwd% -QUIET -AF 0 -DDL 1 -PPL 0 -CFD 0 -CFF 0 -CMT 1 -TGT 1 
-ROD %browser_report_dir% -CMXML 1

Run this from the directory where pside.exe is located OR add this directory to your system path. Replace the following parameters accordingly:

  • %project% = Name of the Application Designer Project
  • %dbtype% = Database type (e.g. ORACLE, MICROSFT)
  • %user% = PeopleSoft user in source environment
  • %pwd% = Password for PeopleSoft user in source environment
  • %srcdb% = Source environment
  • %tgtdb% = Target environment
  • %user% = PeopleSoft user in target environment
  • %pwd% = Password for PeopleSoft user in target environment
  • %browser_report_dir% = directory where the browser reports will be created (e.g. C:\Temp)
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