Page Field Settings

This wiki page is dedicated to explaining the page-field settings available on the properties of a field on a page in Application Designer. Some of these settings may not do what you expect and have some caveats that are worth knowing about.

The size of a page-field can be set in the size attribute of the page-field properties for that field (under the record tab).


Size is dependent on the following:

  • Field length defined in the field definition
  • The font-type and characters in the field (variable width fonts)
  • Formatting options (currency symbol, 1000 separator commas etc)

The following size options are available for each field:

  • Average makes the field the an "average" size. This apparently provides enough space to display the field control with average-width characters.
  • Maximum makes the field display with maximum width characters such as W e.g. WWWWWW is a lot wider than ABCDEF when dealing with variable width fonts.
  • Custom sets the edit-box to its defined length. If you do this is a grid, the field will wrap.
NOTE: custom is not supported on all browsers so be careful.

The following page-field display options are available under the "Record" tab of page-field properties. They are used to control how the page field will display the data it contains/entered into it.


Display Zero

This will display a zero instead of blanks for a numeric field. Can be useful to display zeros instead of blanks to indicate that field is not in fact empty.

Display Century

Displays a date with a four digit century. Allows users to enter a different century to the current one based on system date (e.g. 1907 when the system date year is 2007). If this option is not set, and user enters 07 it will be set to 2007.


Hides the value entered in the field and sets them to the asterisk character (****).

Currency Symbol

Displays the currency symbol based on regional settings. Will increase the size of the field!

Show Prompt Button

Shows the prompt button next to the edit box.

1000 Separator

Automatically displays thousand separator character (e.g. 1,000,000)

Auto Fill

Auto fills with the specified auto-fill character. Direction of auto-fill depends on field alignment. Fill character is specified in the fill character box. Be careful with this one as auto fill may change the value of the field and what is stored in the database.

Auto Decimal

Will automatically enter a decimal point if none is provided on data entry.

Display Time Zone

Displays the time zone on a date/time field.

Enable Spell Check

Enables spell check option on the field. See the Message Catalog explanation text box for a delivered example of how spell check works.

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