Viewing Component Level PeopleCode

There are a few ways to view PeopleCode at the component level (component, component-record, component-record-field) in Application Designer.

Through the Structure tab

Open the component, switch to the structure tab, find the appropriate scroll (if you can), right-click, to bring up the View PeopleCode menu.


Through the Project

Add the component to your project, use the development tab to expand out the list of components, right click on your component and bring up the View PeopleCode menu.


By inserting the Component Level PeopleCode in your project

Another, less obvious way to view PeopleCode, is to insert it into your project, using:

Insert > Definitions into Project (CTRL + F7)

Changing the definition type to PeopleCode, specifying the component name, and selecting the type (e.g. Component Record):


Double click to add the PeopleCode to your project, then change to the upgrade tab to view the PeopleCode:


What is nifty about this method is that it lets you get directly to a piece of PeopleCode if you already know where it lives, without having to navigate through the component structure (which can be rather slow for a large component). Simply use your upgrade tab to open it up.

Another useful fact is that this gives you a list of all the PeopleCode at a particular level in the component, and may be a little easier to use for finding code than the tree scroll structure in the structure tab.

NOTE: that when you are in the view PeopleCode window you can use the left drop down list to find PeopleCode (anything that's in bold) and the right PeopleCode drop down list to view the events:


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