Searching PeopleCode for Message Catalog Entries

One of the best reasons to export PeopleCode to a file is so that you can perform a search on it — and perhaps the most common search you'll perform is to find which code is generating a message catalog message.

Unfortunately, message catalog entries aren't always consistent, for instance all of the following are legitimate entries:

  • 14200,91
  • 14200 ,91
  • 14200, 91
  • 14200 , 91

A regular search for the string 14200,91 may not net you any results purely because of the white spacing. However, if you are using a grep tool, you can use a regular expression to improve your search.

This is an example of the regex you might use: 14200[\s,]+91.

This regular expression translates to find 14200 and then one or more occurrences of a white space (spaces, tabs, line breaks) and a comma followed by a 91.

It caters for all of the above scenarios.

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