Standalone Rowset

In PeopleCode a standalone rowset is an independent rowset object not associated with the component buffer. They allow you to work with data outside of the buffer by getting whatever additional data you need form the database. In this sense they replace the functionality of derived records which were once used as place holders to store data not directly associated with the component.

Because this type of rowset is standalone, there is no automatic action by the component processor on it. This means that if a standalone rowset is used to manipulate data (inserts/updates), code will need to be added to manually save the changes.

To create a standalone rowset from a record:

Local Rowset &rsExample;
&rsExample = CreateRowset(Record.REC1);
NOTE: this will only create the placeholder object. At this point, the rowset is not populated any data from the database, it only consists of the properties of the record definition.

To fill a standalone rowset with data use the Fill method. This parameters to the fill method are a Where clause and bind values.

&rExample.Fill("where FIELD1 = :1", REC2.FIELD2);
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