GetImageURL is a nifty PeopleCode iScript (Response class) method that returns a URL for an image stored in the database, which is retrieved and stored on the web server. It allows you to store images in PeopleSoft through the Image definition type in Application Designer. Then, in your iScript you can use this method to retrieve and display the image on a custom page.

The basic syntax for the function is:

Local string &sImageURL;
&sImageURL = %Response.GetImageURL(Image.YOUR_IMAGE);

The URL returned is the absolute URL to the image on the web server.

You can also use GetImageURL to retrieve an image from any database table (RECORD.FIELD) and display it. Very handy stuff when displaying images on a page.

This is particularly useful for branding where you may use your own images but want to store them in the PeopleSoft database (through Application Designer) rather than on the web server(s).

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