Default a Search Field Value

This is a simple trick but can be easy to forget. If you want to use the default value of your field as your search field value there are two steps involved:

Step 1: Set the field default on your search field

In this example, I want the SETID to default from the operator defaults table in campus solutions OPR_DEF_TBL_CS for my SETID search field.

To do this, I set my field default as shown:


Step 2: Add SearchInit PeopleCode

Add the following PeopleCode to either the Record.Field.SearchInit or Component.Record.SearchInit PeopleCode.


Where RECORD.FIELD refers to the name of the record and field that you set the field default for in the first step.

Now when you hit the search page, your search field should be defaulting its value from its field default settings.
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