Session Class

The Session Class is the root of the API classes provided by PeopleSoft. It provides access to control the PeopleSoft environment including security and acccess, errors and error handling, regional settings and tracing.

The following APIs are accessible through the an active session object:

  • Component Interface classs
  • Portal Registry class
  • Query class
  • Search class
  • Tree class

Error Handling

The session object handles error processing for all APIs. The following properties are available to check for errors:

  • ErrorPending indicates whether there are API errors
  • WarningPending indicates whether there are API warnings

These errors are stored in the PSMessages collection which is a property of the session object.

Session Object

Declare the session onject as either Global, Component or Local. Use the %Session variable to set the session to the current session:

Local ApiObject &objSession;
&objSession = %Session;
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