Think Time Functions

Think-time functions are PeopleCode functions that suspend PeopleSoft processing to wait for an external event (user input, an external process to complete etc). PeopleBooks strongly recommends not using think-time functions in certain PeopleCode events.

For example, MessageBox is not a think time function when the style parameter only specifies one button. This can only be the case when the style parameter is 0 or %MsgStyle_OK which means only show the OK button. So if you use0 or %MsgStyle_OK as the style parameter, you can use MessageBox as a normal function in any relevant PeopleCode event.

There is also a difference between the Warning and Error PeopleCode functions. Turns out that Warning behaves as a think-time function, while Error does not.

The results will be a general Think-time PeopleCode event message like this:


This is a strange one as it isn't listed in Think-time Functions list in PeopleBooks. So I suspect it may have been the way the Warning function was being used in this case.

Anyway, something to keep in mind. If you get a think-time message, try switching from Warning to Error.

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