Web Profiles

Web profiles define the portal configuration for your PeopleSoft application. They are available through the following navigation:

PeopleTools > Web Profile > Web Profile Configuration

One of things you'll need to work out is which web profile configuration is actually in use! There are quite a few delivered options including:

  • DEV
  • TEST
  • PROD

You typically choose the web profile configuration to be used when installing the PeopleSoft PIA. This is stored in a file called but contrary to what PeopleBooks might tell you, this file doesn't always live in PS_HOME\webserv. In fact if you're using Oracle Application Server (OAS) it will most likely be located somewhere like this (adjust your slashes accordingly):


This may vary, and obviously will be different if you're not using OAS as the web server. {Application_Name} is typically PeopleSoft.

The other option is to look at the web profile history using:

PeopleTools > Web Profile > Web Profile History

This also gives you detailed information about the web profile configuration and the web server.

You can also try using the viewconfig servlet directive (if you have access and know the web profile password (by default it is dayoff).

Also here are a list of relevant PeopleTools tables:

Table Description
PSWEBPROFILE Main record with general web profile properties
PSWEBPROFBROW Web profile browser settings
PSWEBPROFCOOK Web profile cookie settings
PSWEBPROFDEF Web profile defaults
PSWEBPROFHIST Web profile history
PSWEBPROFNVP Web profile name value pairs
PSWEBPROFPROP Web profile custom properties
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