Event Notification and Output to a Window

With the help of Real time event notification server and notifyToWindow method in PeopleSoft we can configure the output to a window and publish the notifications to a new window.

REN servers are used by PeopleSoft applications to push event notifications to users, such as reports to be printed to a separate browser window.

This article explains how to:

  • Configure the REN server
  • Assign permission to run a report to window to the User id
  • Test the REN server configuration

Configuring the REN Server

The REN server is configured via the application server domain (through PSAdmin). Launch psadmin from %PS_HOME\appserv. Select the application server domain, the Quick configuration menu is launched. Set the Event Notification feature to Yes (option 8) as shown:


Then select option 14 to load the custom configuration.

Go to PSRENSERV section and set the options accordingly:



Once the REN server is configured on the application server domain check if it reflects on the PIA.

Pinging the REN Server is a validation that everything went okay with your setup.

Navigate to:

PeopleTools > REN Server Configuration > REN Server Definition

To check the application server domain name, port number and host name.


Test the server configuration from PIA by navigating to:

PeopleTools > REN Server Configuration > REN server Cluster

The Buffer test and Ping test should give meaningful results.



Example PeopleCode

With a minimal code we can view the notifications and output in a window.

Using the Notifytowindow method in the PT-PRCS application package, below is a sample code written on the Portal CSS application engine program.

import PT_PRCS:API:*;
Local PT_PRCS:API:PrcsApi &api = create PT_PRCS:API:PrcsApi();
&strl_WindowMsg = &strl_WindowMsg | "<br />step 1/5:Portal Security Sync Starting. (";
&strl_WindowMsg = &strl_WindowMsg | DateTimeToLocalizedString(%Datetime, "HH:mm:ss") | ")";
&nret = &api.notifyToWindow(AEPORTALCSS_AET.PROCESS_INSTANCE, &strl_WindowMsg);

These are the results from this modification:



As you can see, the REN Server aids to publish Real-time Event Notifications to users, saving the effort of repeatedly clicking on the Refresh button in Process Monitor.

This is a guest article by Shilpa Reddy. Thanks for your contribution.

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