PeopleSoft Servlet Directives

PeopleSoft Servlet directives give you a number of useful functions.

To use them, append the appropriate directive after your the URL e.g. /?cmd=


The easiest way to get the correct URL is to visit the sign on page of the relevant environment and replace ?cmd=login with the appropriate directive.

The directives typically also need a password, and the default password is dayoff. However if you get the message:

You are not authorized to use this feature!

It means the password has been changed in the web profile configuration. Navigate to:

PeopleTools > Web Profile > Web Profile Configuration

Browse through the list of web profiles (unless you know the one that's in use). In the custom properties tab there will be a property called auditPWD (type = string) and a value which is the profile password. Use this password, or if there is none set, add this property.

NOTE: removing the property doesn't give full access, it takes away all access!

Here's a list of directives (but there could be more):

Directive What it Does
?cmd=viewconfig&pwd=dayoff View the current web profile
?cmd=reloadconfig&pwd=dayoff Reloads the web profile in use
?cmd=viewsprop&pwd=dayoff Displays session properties
?cmd=debugCache&pwd=dayoff Manage web cache - use IE
?cmd=purge&pwd=dayoff Purge the web server cache. If it doesn't work immediately, try issuing this command at least another 3-5 times in a row (simply hit the URL over and over, no need to wait). Sometimes stubborn caching isn't immediately purged the first time your run this.
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