Suppressing Files from the Report Repository

I once wrote an application engine to extract photographs from the PeopleSoft database (BLOBs) and to put the photos into a common location on the application server. This was an application engine program. However, the only problem was that the photos being outputted (in .jpg format) were also going to the report repository.

This was a hard one to troublesehoot as the .jpg extension had never been configured in the Process Scheduler system settings under distribution file options:

PeopleTools > Process Scheduler > Process Scheduler > System Settings > Distribution File Options

This meant that to the end user, the links were never created to the files on the report repository but they were indeed going there. It was only when the application engine batch processed a lot of photos and the report repository came to a grinding halt that this became apparent.

The fix required suppressing output to the report repository. Here's how:

PeopleTools > Process Scheduler > Processes > {Select the Process} > Destination

On the destination page, change the output destination options from the default to:

  • Type = File
  • Format = Other (or select appropriate file format if available)
  • Destination Source = User Specified
User specified is the default (seee PeopleSoft Process Scheduler PeopleBooks) and means that the output destination is determined by the process run control designation. SQRs must use this as their setting as well as any application engine programs that output files.
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