Reauthenication Required to View Reports

I came across a scenario where the user would need to re-authenticate with PeopleSoft in order to view reports through view/log trace in the Process Monitor or through the report manager.

When clicking on the report, a new window would appear with the PeopleSoft Sign-on screen and message, Your User ID and/or Password are invalid:


If the user re-authenticates through this screen, then the message no longer appears again for their session. However, if they close their browser, login to PeopleSoft again and then try to view a report, the message re-appears. This turns out to be an important fact, as the problem is in fact related to session cookies.

The issue occurs when the Secure Cookie with SSL option is set in the web profile, but the environment is not using SSL. For example, it is cloned from an SSL-enabled environment.

To tell which web profile you are using, check your web profile history under:

PeopleTools > Web Profile > Web profile History

Or use the viewconfig portal servlet directive.

Then, open that web profile through:

PeopleTools > Web Profile > Web Profile Configuration

Then check the security tab and SSL group box:


As described towards the end of the help text (click on the ? mark):

NOTE: if you select this check box, you are effectively disabling single signon to any non-SSL servers.

After changing this setting, you might need to reload the web profile configuration by either restarting your web server or using the reloadconfig portal servlet directive in order for it to take effect.

Another thing to check if you are seeing a signon screen when viewing a report is the URL specified in your report node. If the URL is fully qualified with a domain, and you are not using an authentication domain, this might be causing the signon screen to appear. Try removing the domain from the URL and (just leaving the hostname) in your report node if you are not using an authentication domain to see if this helps.

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