The following is a list of some of the key campus solutions records grouped by functional area. This is by no means a complete list, but hopefully it proves to be a handy reference. Please comment if you have any other table suggestions.

Campus Community


PS_PERSON Core person data including birth and death information
PS_PERS_DATA_EFFDT Core person data history includes martial status and gender
PS_PERSONAL_DATA Snapshot bio/demo data
PS_PER_POI_TYPE Person of Interest (POI) Type
PS_PER_POI_TRANS Person of Interest (POI) History


PS_CITIZENSHIP Citizenship data
PS_SCC_CITIZ_HIST Citizenship history
PS_CITIZEN_PSSPRT Citizenship passport data
PS_DIVERSITY Ethnicity diversity data
PS_PERS_NID National ID data
PS_EXTERNAL_SYSKEY External system data (key)
PS_EXTERNAL_SYSTEM External system data
PS_PER_ORG_ASGN Organisational relationships
PS_SCC_PERSON_AUS Australian Tax File Number Data


PS_ADDRESSES Address history
PS_EMAIL_ADDRESSES Email addresses
PS_NAMES Names history
PS_PERSONAL_PHONE Phone & Fax data

3Cs (Communications, Checklists and Comments)

PS_COMMUNICATION Communication data
PS_VAR_DATA_[AF] Variable data. Replace [AF] with administrative function e.g. SPRG
PS_LAST_3CS_TBL Tracks the last SEQ_3C value for a student

Campus Event Planning (and Meetings)

PS_EVENT_MTG Campus Event Meeting

Service Indicators

PS_SRVC_IND_DATA Service indicator data
PS_SRVC_IN_RSN_TBL Service indicator reason
PS_AUDIT_SRVC_IND Service indicator audit

Curriculum Management

Course data

PS_CRSE_CATALOG Course catalog
PS_CRSE_COMPONENT Course components
PS_CRSE_OFFER Course offerings
PS_CRSE_EQUIV_TBL Course equivalencies
PS_CRSE_LST_HDR_SF Course list header
PS_CRSE_LST_DTL_SF Course list details
PS_CRSE_TOPICS Course topics

Class data

PS_CLASS_TBL Class data
PS_CLASS_ASSOC Class associations
PS_CLASS_ATTENDNCE Class attendance
PS_CLASS_COMPONENT Class components
PS_CLASS_INSTR Class instructors
PS_CLASS_MTG_PAT Class meeting patterns
PS_CLASS_NOTES Class notes

Records and Enrolment

Term Activation and History

PS_STDNT_CAREER Student career
PS_STDNT_CAR_TERM Student career term activation
PS_SSR_HECS_ELEC Australian-specific HECS Loan Election
PS_STDNT_SESSION Student session
PS_TRNS_CRSE_SCH Transfer credit school
PS_TRNS_CRSE_TERM Transfer credit course term
PS_TRNS_OTHR_MODEL Other transfer credits model
PS_TRNS_OTHR_TERM Other transfer credits term
PS_TRNS_TEST_MODEL Test transfer credits model
PS_TRNS_TEST_TERM Test transfer credits term


PS_ACAD_PROG Student program data
PS_ACAD_PLAN Student plan data
PS_SSR_ACADPRG_AUS Australian-specific student program data


PS_STDNT_ENRL Student enrolments
PS_CLASS_TBL_SE_VW View that combines student enrolment & class setup data
PS_SSR_STDENRL_AUS Australian-specific student enrolment data
PS_ENRL_REQ_HEADER Enrolment request header
PS_ENRL_REQ_DETAI Enrolment request detail
PS_SSR_STDENRL_AUS Australian Student Enrolment data


PS_ACAD_DEGR Student degree data
PS_ACAD_DEGR_PLAN Student degree plan data
PS_ACAD_DEGR_HONS Student degree honours data

Student Groups

PS_STDNT_GRPS Student group data
PS_STDNT_GRPS_HIST Student group history

Grade Book

PS_STDNT_GRADE_DTL Student's grades detail
PS_LAM_CLASS_ACTV Class assignments information


Institution structure

PS_INSTITUTION_TBL Institution setup
PS_CAMPUS_TBL Campus setup
PS_CAMPUS_LOC_TBL Campus location setup
PS_HOME_CAMPUS_TBL Home campus setup
PS_ACAD_GROUP_TBL Academic group setup
PS_ACAD_ORG_TBL Academic organisation setup
PS_SSR_ACD_ORG_AUS Australian-specific Academic organisation setup

Academic career

PS_ACAD_CAR_TBL Academic career setup
PS_ACAD_CAR_PTRS Academic career pointers setup
PS_CATLG_CAR_TBL Academic career level setup
PS_ACAD_CAL_TABLE Academic career calendar setup
PS_HOLIDAY_TBL Holiday setup

Programs, Plans and Degrees

PS_ACAD_PROG_TBL Academic program setup
PS_ACAD_PROG_OWNER Academic program owner setup
PS_SSR_ACD_PRG_AUS Australian-specific academic program setup
PS_SSR_PRG_CD_TBL Academic program code setup
PS_ACAD_PLAN_TBL Academic plan setup
PS_DEGREE_TBL Degree setup
PS_SSR_ACDPRGT_AUS Australian Academic Program TAC setup
PS_SSR_ACD_PLN_AUS Australian Academic Plan setup

Term and Session

PS_TERM_TBL Term setup
PS_SESSION_TBL Term session setup
PS_SESS_TIME_PEROD Session time periods

Load/Level Rules

PS_LVL_LD_RULE_TBL Academic level/load rules setup
PS_ACAD_LEVEL_TBL Academic level setup
PS_ACAD_LOAD_TBL Academic load setup
PS_ACAD_LOAD2_TBL Academic load for statistics setup
PS_SSR_LVLLOAD_AUS Australian specific load/level rules setup
PS_SSR_ACADLOD_AUS Australian Academic Load setup


PS_GRADE_TBL Grade setup
PS_GRADE_BASIS_TBL Grading basis setup
PS_GRD_BASE_CHOICE Grading basis choice setup
PS_GRADESCHEME_TBL Grading scheme setup
PS_SSR_GRADE_FLAG Grading flag setup


Student Records Security

PS_SCRTY_TBL_INST Institution security
PS_SCRTY_TBL_ACAD Academic organisation security
PS_SCRTY_TBL_CAR Academic career security
PS_SCRTY_TBL_PLAN Academic plan security
PS_SCRTY_TBL_PROG Academic program security
PS_SCRTY_ADM_ACTN Admissions action security
PS_SCRTY_PROG_ACTN Program action security
PS_SCRTY_APPL_CTR Application centre security
PS_SCRTY_RECR_CTR Recruiting centre security
PS_OPR_GRP_3C_TBL 3Cs operator group security
PS_ENRL_ACCESS_GRP Enrolment access group security
PS_ENRMT_OVRD_TBL Enrolment override security by enrolment access ID
PS_SCRTY_TBL_SRVC Service indicator security
PS_SCRTY_TSCRPT Transcript type security
PS_SAD_TEST_SCTY Test ID security

Student Financials Security

PS_SEC_ISET_OPR Operator Institution set security
PS_SEC_UNITSF_OPR Operator Business unit security
PS_SEC_SETID_OPR Operator SetID security

Student Admissions/Recruiting


PS_ADM_APP_CAR_SEQ Application career sequence (stores next available career nbr)
PS_ADM_APPL_DATA Application data
PS_ADM_APPL_PLAN Application plan
PS_ADM_APPL_PROG Application program
PS_SAD_APL_PRG_AUS Australian-specific application program data
PS_ADM_APPL_RCR_CA Recruiting category


PS_ADM_PRSPCT_CAR Prospect career
PS_ADM_PRSPCT_PLAN Prospect plan
PS_ADM_PRSPCT_PROG Prospect program

Student Financials


PS_ACCOUNT_SF Student account
PS_ITEM_SF Student account items
PS_ITEM_LINE_SF Student account item lines
PS_ITEM_XREF Student item cross reference
PS_PAYMENT_TBL Student payments
PS_QUICK_POST_TBL Quick post setup
PS_QUICK_POST_ERR Quick post errors
PS_ADM_APPL_DEP Calculated deposit fees (e.g. student housing, tuition deposit) as distinct from full charges


BI_BILL_HEADER Billing Invoice Header
BI_STD_REQ_TBL Billing Standard Request Table
BI_BILL_ERROR Billing Errors

Credit History and Collections

PS_CREDIT_HISTORY Student Credit history
PS_COLLECTION_SF Student collections
PS_COLL_LTR_ITEM Dunning/collection letters
PS_COLLECT_EFFORT Student collections recovery effort data


CSH_BD_CSH_TBL Business Date Cashier Table
CSH_BD_CSH_OPEN Business Date Cashier Open Table
CSH_BD_REG_OPEN Business Date Register Open Table
CSH_BD_REG_TBL Business Date Register Table
CSH_OFF_RECEIPT Cashier Office Receipts
CSH_OFF_RCPT_L Cashier Office Receipt Line
CSH_OFF_RCPT_T Cashier Office Receipt Tender
CSH_OFF_TBL Cashiering Office Table

GL Interface

SF_ACCTG_LN SF Accounting Line
SF_ACCTG_ERROR SF Quick Posting Error Table

Group Post

GROUP_CONT_INFO Control Group Info
GROUP_LINE Group Line Information/Check

Item Types

ITEM_TYPE_TBL Item Type Table
ITEM_ACCT_TYPE Valid Account Types
GL_INTERFACE General Ledger Interface

Optional Fees

OPT_FEE_STDNT Optional Fees by Student
OPT_FEE_TBL Optional Fees Table
OPT_FEE_TERM Optional Fee Terms
OPT_FEE_VAL Optional Fee Values


REFUND_HDR Refund Header
REFUND_DTL Refund Detail
REFUND_CHECK Refund Check Information
REFUND_WL Refund Work List

Term Fee Setup

TERM_FEE_TBL Term Fee Table
TERM_FE_CD_TBL Term Fee Code Table
TERM_SF_CD_TBL Term Sub Fee Code Table
TERM_SUBFEE_TBL Term Sub Fee Table

Third Party Contracts (TPCs) / Deferral Contracts / Payment Plans

TP_CHARGES Third Party Allowable Charges
TP_CONTRACT Third Party Contracts
TP_STUDENT Third Party Student
TP_STDNT_CHRG Third Party Allowable Charges Student

Tuition Calc

TUIT_CALC_TBL Tuition Calc Table
CALC_MESSAGES Tuition Calc Error/Warn Messages
OPT_FEE_STDNT Optional Fees by Student

Tuition Group Setup

SEL_GROUP_TBL Selector Group Table
SEL_GROUP_CRITR Selector Group Criteria
GROUP_FEE_TBL Group Fee Table

Tuition Group Criteria Setup

SEL_CRITER_TBL Group Selector Criteria
SEL_CRITR_TBL Group Selector Criteria
SEL_VALUE_TBL Selector Values Table

Waiver Setup

WAIVER_CODE_TBL Waiver Code Table
WAIVER_GRP_DTL Waiver Group Detail Table
WAIVER_GRP_TBL Waiver Group Table
WAIVER_TBL Waver Table

1098-T Reporting

SF_1098_DTL_SF SF 1098T Detail Record
SF_1098_ITEM SF 1098T Item Details
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A few of these person related tables may not give all of the rows that are desired from PS Query.

See Oracle Support Document 656784.1 (Queries using HR Security Views are Failing for Campus Solutions Users) can be found at:

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how can i find Employee Designation assigned from Campus ?

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