3C Engine

The 3C engine is an application engine program that picks up on triggers set on PeopleSoft records and fields (in real time or batch mode) and assigns 3Cs events (typically communications in the form of letters).

First, here's a summary of some 3Cs related terminology

Term Explanation
3Cs Checklists, Comments, Communications
3C Event This is what gets assigned. It can be any of the 3Cs to either a person or an organisation. An example of a 3C event is adding a collections letter to a student’s communication.
3C Trigger The conditions which will cause a 3C event to occur. For example, a program completion (COMP) row added as a program action to a student’s academic program/plan data.
3C Trigger Prompt Table Fancy name for defining which prompt/edit values are allowed for a particular PeopleSoft field (e.g. use the Institutions table to validate input into the Institutions field)
3C Groups Used to group access to events and define security. A 3C event will not be applied if the user who caused the 3C trigger (e.g. completing a student) is not in the 3C event group (limits who can cause 3C events).
3c Trigger Results This is the page used to view trigger results if the have been implemented in batch mode. These are the 3C events that will be processed by the 3C application engine program to assign communications (or checklists / comments). Note real time Triggers use PeopleCode and instantly update communications without displaying anything on this page.

The 3Cs engine including events and triggers are new to CS89. The 3C engine can be used to automatically assign checklists, comments and communications, reducing the amount of manual intervention (or customisations) needed to automate the use of 3Cs throughout the system.

Useful Navigation:

Campus Community -> 3C Engine -> Set Up 3C Engine
  • 3C Event definitions
  • Trigger prompt table for trigger field prompts
  • Event 3C Groups (for security)
  • Trigger definitions

Also includes:

  • 3C Trigger results – to check the outcome of batch triggers
  • Run 3C Engine – run the 3C Application Engine
Set Up SACR -> Security -> Secure Student Administration -> User ID
  • 3C Group security. Used to add the 3C groups to your operator ID.
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