Credit History

Credit history is a PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Student Financials COBOL process. It goes through student accounts, checks for any overdue amounts and adds or updates the credit history table (PS_CREDIT_HISTORY). The process also ages overdue amounts for accounts, and after a certain period of time this may then go into collections.

As the process goes through student financial accounts it can take a very long time to run and is usually batched to run overnight.

The navigation to run credit history is:

Student Financials > Collections > Process Credit History

There is also a page to review what has been processed by credit history:

Student Financials > Collections > Review Credit History

The process is run by selecting an appropriate business unit and aging set. Business units are part of core student financials configuration.

The navigation for aging set configuration is:

Set Up SACR > Product Related > Student Financials > Collections > Aging Set
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