The following is a list of some of the key campus solutions records grouped by functional area. This is by no means a complete list, but hopefully it proves to be a handy reference. Please comment if you have any other table suggestions.

Campus Community


PS_PERSON Core person data including birth and death information
PS_PERS_DATA_EFFDT Core person data history includes martial status and gender
PS_PERSONAL_DATA Snapshot bio/demo data
PS_PER_POI_TYPE Person of Interest (POI) Type
PS_PER_POI_TRANS Person of Interest (POI) History


PS_CITIZENSHIP Citizenship data
PS_SCC_CITIZ_HIST Citizenship history
PS_CITIZEN_PSSPRT Citizenship passport data
PS_DIVERSITY Ethnicity diversity data
PS_PERS_NID National ID data
PS_EXTERNAL_SYSKEY External system data (key)
PS_EXTERNAL_SYSTEM External system data
PS_PER_ORG_ASGN Organisational relationships
PS_SCC_PERSON_AUS Australian Tax File Number Data


PS_ADDRESSES Address history
PS_EMAIL_ADDRESSES Email addresses
PS_NAMES Names history
PS_PERSONAL_PHONE Phone & Fax data

3Cs (Communications, Checklists and Comments)

PS_COMMUNICATION Communication data
PS_VAR_DATA_[AF] Variable data. Replace [AF] with administrative function e.g. SPRG
PS_LAST_3CS_TBL Tracks the last SEQ_3C value for a student

Campus Event Planning (and Meetings)

PS_EVENT_MTG Campus Event Meeting

Service Indicators

PS_SRVC_IND_DATA Service indicator data
PS_SRVC_IN_RSN_TBL Service indicator reason
PS_AUDIT_SRVC_IND Service indicator audit

Curriculum Management

Course data

PS_CRSE_CATALOG Course catalog
PS_CRSE_COMPONENT Course components
PS_CRSE_OFFER Course offerings
PS_CRSE_EQUIV_TBL Course equivalencies
PS_CRSE_LST_HDR_SF Course list header
PS_CRSE_LST_DTL_SF Course list details
PS_CRSE_TOPICS Course topics

Class data

PS_CLASS_TBL Class data
PS_CLASS_ASSOC Class associations
PS_CLASS_ATTENDNCE Class attendance
PS_CLASS_COMPONENT Class components
PS_CLASS_INSTR Class instructors
PS_CLASS_MTG_PAT Class meeting patterns
PS_CLASS_NOTES Class notes

Records and Enrolment

Term Activation and History

PS_STDNT_CAREER Student career
PS_STDNT_CAR_TERM Student career term activation
PS_SSR_HECS_ELEC Australian-specific HECS Loan Election
PS_STDNT_SESSION Student session
PS_TRNS_CRSE_SCH Transfer credit school
PS_TRNS_CRSE_TERM Transfer credit course term
PS_TRNS_OTHR_MODEL Other transfer credits model
PS_TRNS_OTHR_TERM Other transfer credits term
PS_TRNS_TEST_MODEL Test transfer credits model
PS_TRNS_TEST_TERM Test transfer credits term


PS_ACAD_PROG Student program data
PS_ACAD_PLAN Student plan data
PS_SSR_ACADPRG_AUS Australian-specific student program data


PS_STDNT_ENRL Student enrolments
PS_CLASS_TBL_SE_VW View that combines student enrolment & class setup data
PS_SSR_STDENRL_AUS Australian-specific student enrolment data
PS_ENRL_REQ_HEADER Enrolment request header
PS_ENRL_REQ_DETAI Enrolment request detail
PS_SSR_STDENRL_AUS Australian Student Enrolment data


PS_ACAD_DEGR Student degree data
PS_ACAD_DEGR_PLAN Student degree plan data
PS_ACAD_DEGR_HONS Student degree honours data

Student Groups

PS_STDNT_GRPS Student group data
PS_STDNT_GRPS_HIST Student group history

Grade Book

PS_STDNT_GRADE_DTL Student's grades detail
PS_LAM_CLASS_ACTV Class assignments information


Institution structure

PS_INSTITUTION_TBL Institution setup
PS_CAMPUS_TBL Campus setup
PS_CAMPUS_LOC_TBL Campus location setup
PS_HOME_CAMPUS_TBL Home campus setup
PS_ACAD_GROUP_TBL Academic group setup
PS_ACAD_ORG_TBL Academic organisation setup
PS_SSR_ACD_ORG_AUS Australian-specific Academic organisation setup

Academic career

PS_ACAD_CAR_TBL Academic career setup
PS_ACAD_CAR_PTRS Academic career pointers setup
PS_CATLG_CAR_TBL Academic career level setup
PS_ACAD_CAL_TABLE Academic career calendar setup
PS_HOLIDAY_TBL Holiday setup

Programs, Plans and Degrees

PS_ACAD_PROG_TBL Academic program setup
PS_ACAD_PROG_OWNER Academic program owner setup
PS_SSR_ACD_PRG_AUS Australian-specific academic program setup
PS_SSR_PRG_CD_TBL Academic program code setup
PS_ACAD_PLAN_TBL Academic plan setup
PS_DEGREE_TBL Degree setup
PS_SSR_ACDPRGT_AUS Australian Academic Program TAC setup
PS_SSR_ACD_PLN_AUS Australian Academic Plan setup

Term and Session

PS_TERM_TBL Term setup
PS_SESSION_TBL Term session setup
PS_SESS_TIME_PEROD Session time periods

Load/Level Rules

PS_LVL_LD_RULE_TBL Academic level/load rules setup
PS_ACAD_LEVEL_TBL Academic level setup
PS_ACAD_LOAD_TBL Academic load setup
PS_ACAD_LOAD2_TBL Academic load for statistics setup
PS_SSR_LVLLOAD_AUS Australian specific load/level rules setup
PS_SSR_ACADLOD_AUS Australian Academic Load setup


PS_GRADE_TBL Grade setup
PS_GRADE_BASIS_TBL Grading basis setup
PS_GRD_BASE_CHOICE Grading basis choice setup
PS_GRADESCHEME_TBL Grading scheme setup
PS_SSR_GRADE_FLAG Grading flag setup


Student Records Security

PS_SCRTY_TBL_INST Institution security
PS_SCRTY_TBL_ACAD Academic organisation security
PS_SCRTY_TBL_CAR Academic career security
PS_SCRTY_TBL_PLAN Academic plan security
PS_SCRTY_TBL_PROG Academic program security
PS_SCRTY_ADM_ACTN Admissions action security
PS_SCRTY_PROG_ACTN Program action security
PS_SCRTY_APPL_CTR Application centre security
PS_SCRTY_RECR_CTR Recruiting centre security
PS_OPR_GRP_3C_TBL 3Cs operator group security
PS_ENRL_ACCESS_GRP Enrolment access group security
PS_ENRMT_OVRD_TBL Enrolment override security by enrolment access ID
PS_SCRTY_TBL_SRVC Service indicator security
PS_SCRTY_TSCRPT Transcript type security
PS_SAD_TEST_SCTY Test ID security

Student Financials Security

PS_SEC_ISET_OPR Operator Institution set security
PS_SEC_UNITSF_OPR Operator Business unit security
PS_SEC_SETID_OPR Operator SetID security

Student Admissions/Recruiting


PS_ADM_APP_CAR_SEQ Application career sequence (stores next available career nbr)
PS_ADM_APPL_DATA Application data
PS_ADM_APPL_PLAN Application plan
PS_ADM_APPL_PROG Application program
PS_SAD_APL_PRG_AUS Australian-specific application program data
PS_ADM_APPL_RCR_CA Recruiting category


PS_ADM_PRSPCT_CAR Prospect career
PS_ADM_PRSPCT_PLAN Prospect plan
PS_ADM_PRSPCT_PROG Prospect program

Student Financials


PS_ACCOUNT_SF Student account
PS_ITEM_SF Student account items
PS_ITEM_LINE_SF Student account item lines
PS_ITEM_XREF Student item cross reference
PS_PAYMENT_TBL Student payments
PS_QUICK_POST_TBL Quick post setup
PS_QUICK_POST_ERR Quick post errors
PS_ADM_APPL_DEP Calculated deposit fees (e.g. student housing, tuition deposit) as distinct from full charges


BI_BILL_HEADER Billing Invoice Header
BI_STD_REQ_TBL Billing Standard Request Table
BI_BILL_ERROR Billing Errors

Credit History and Collections

PS_CREDIT_HISTORY Student Credit history
PS_COLLECTION_SF Student collections
PS_COLL_LTR_ITEM Dunning/collection letters
PS_COLLECT_EFFORT Student collections recovery effort data


CSH_BD_CSH_TBL Business Date Cashier Table
CSH_BD_CSH_OPEN Business Date Cashier Open Table
CSH_BD_REG_OPEN Business Date Register Open Table
CSH_BD_REG_TBL Business Date Register Table
CSH_OFF_RECEIPT Cashier Office Receipts
CSH_OFF_RCPT_L Cashier Office Receipt Line
CSH_OFF_RCPT_T Cashier Office Receipt Tender
CSH_OFF_TBL Cashiering Office Table

GL Interface

SF_ACCTG_LN SF Accounting Line
SF_ACCTG_ERROR SF Quick Posting Error Table

Group Post

GROUP_CONT_INFO Control Group Info
GROUP_LINE Group Line Information/Check

Item Types

ITEM_TYPE_TBL Item Type Table
ITEM_ACCT_TYPE Valid Account Types
GL_INTERFACE General Ledger Interface

Optional Fees

OPT_FEE_STDNT Optional Fees by Student
OPT_FEE_TBL Optional Fees Table
OPT_FEE_TERM Optional Fee Terms
OPT_FEE_VAL Optional Fee Values


REFUND_HDR Refund Header
REFUND_DTL Refund Detail
REFUND_CHECK Refund Check Information
REFUND_WL Refund Work List

Term Fee Setup

TERM_FEE_TBL Term Fee Table
TERM_FE_CD_TBL Term Fee Code Table
TERM_SF_CD_TBL Term Sub Fee Code Table
TERM_SUBFEE_TBL Term Sub Fee Table

Third Party Contracts (TPCs) / Deferral Contracts / Payment Plans

TP_CHARGES Third Party Allowable Charges
TP_CONTRACT Third Party Contracts
TP_STUDENT Third Party Student
TP_STDNT_CHRG Third Party Allowable Charges Student

Tuition Calc

TUIT_CALC_TBL Tuition Calc Table
CALC_MESSAGES Tuition Calc Error/Warn Messages
OPT_FEE_STDNT Optional Fees by Student

Tuition Group Setup

SEL_GROUP_TBL Selector Group Table
SEL_GROUP_CRITR Selector Group Criteria
GROUP_FEE_TBL Group Fee Table

Tuition Group Criteria Setup

SEL_CRITER_TBL Group Selector Criteria
SEL_CRITR_TBL Group Selector Criteria
SEL_VALUE_TBL Selector Values Table

Waiver Setup

WAIVER_CODE_TBL Waiver Code Table
WAIVER_GRP_DTL Waiver Group Detail Table
WAIVER_GRP_TBL Waiver Group Table
WAIVER_TBL Waver Table

1098-T Reporting

SF_1098_DTL_SF SF 1098T Detail Record
SF_1098_ITEM SF 1098T Item Details

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