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Alter Audit


The term alter audit in PeopleSoft refers to running an alter build script in application designe...

Approximate Database Size


The following SQL is for an Oracle Database and it attempts to approximate the size of a PeopleSo...

Changing your Oracle Session Schema


Use the following code to alter your session's current schema: ALTER SESSION SET current_schema ...

Breadcrumbs not updated from Pagelet Link


Sometimes, clicking the hyperlink in a pagelet to another component, takes you to the component b...

Development Roles


In your development environment, you will typically have super user access. Most people achieve t...

Backup before Migrating a Project

App Designer

One common problem with migrating Application Designer projects between your environments, is tha...

Auto Numbering


There are a number of ID fields in PeopleSoft that are auto-numbered. A good example is the EMPLI...

Auto Generate a Select Statement


The following SQL will automatically generate a formatted select statement with all the fields of...

Audit Records


If you are creating an audit record, there are normally three fields that need to go at the start...

Application Engine

Application Engine

Application Engine programs are PeopleSoft's batch processing technology. They are developed in a...

Analyze Tables


You can use the ANALYZE TABLE command to store table statistics for Oracle (and many other DBMS) ...

App Designer Security

App Designer

This wiki page covers how to manage and restrict Application Designer security through permission...

App Designer Keyboard Shortcuts

App Designer

As PeopleSoft developers we spend a lot of time in Application Designer. To speed things up and m...

3C Engine

Campus Solutions

The 3C engine is an application engine program that picks up on triggers set on PeopleSoft record...

App Designer Taking a Long Time To Load

App Designer

If you find that application designer or data mover is taking a long time to load, it could be be...

An Object of class APIObject failed to deserialize


You might see this error in your .tracesql logs. Apparently this happens if you are performing p...

All Processing Suspended

Process Scheduler

If you are stuck running an application engine program through the process scheduler with a messa...



AddToDate is a PeopleCode built-in function for manipulating a date in PeopleCode. You can use i...

Adding Sequence Numbers


To add a new sequence number based on existing key structures where the sequence number increment...

Generate Oracle Public Synonyms


The following SQL can be used to generate a script to create public synonyms (in Oracle). This ex...

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