Personalization Settings

PeopleTools personalization options can be used to set whether you tab over grid tabs, header icons and lookup buttons when entering data into PeopleSoft pages.

As a keyboard user, this can get incredibly annoying because you have to double tab over lookup buttons. Another application for this is with barcode scanners which typically scan a value followed by tab or return.

Personalisations can be set globally through:

PeopleTools > Personalization > Personalization Options

For the PPLT PeopleTools option category level.

These are the User Options:

  • GRDTAB tab over grid tabs
  • HDRICN tab over header icons
  • LKPBTN tab over lookup buttons


These options can also be set for individual users using:

My Personalizations > Navigation Personalizations

There are other tab over options available here too.


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