DCOMCNFG for Office Applications

Sometimes you need to run DCOMCNFG on Windows servers to configure Microsoft Office (Excel/Word) applications and tweak certain settings.

Usually the directions point to navigating to the following area in the DCOMCNFG configuration page:

Component Services > Computers > My Computer > DCOM Config

Then finding the appropriate Microsoft Office application and changing its properties. Problem is, sometimes you can't find the applications even though they are installed! What's going on?

Well it turns out that if you are on a 64bit OS, you still need to run the 32bit version of DCOMCNFG as Microsoft Office is largely a 32 bit application.

To do so, here's the command:

Start > Run > DCOMCNFG -32

Simple when you know how. You should now be able to see the relevant entries e.g. Microsoft Excel Application and Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 Document. Interestingly, there's also one in there for PeopleSoft.ApplicationDesigner.


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