SQR Trace

One of the first things you used to learn as a PeopleSoft developer is to add debug flags in an SQR program and then to run the program with debug flags turned on to get additional information in your .log (.out in the process monitor) file.

The general syntax is to append:

-debug[trace flag letters]

Some of the common trace flags include -debugd generally for data and -debugf for flow (where you are in the program). You can determine the flags you want by scanning through the SQR (related SQCs) and picking out the appropriate trace flag letters by looking for #debug[letter] statements in the code.

Or, you can use a catch-all like this (note it also catches just a -debug statement without a letter at the end)

Note you can't use the entire alphabet at once as the debug flag is limited to a maximum of 10 characters.

You do this in the process definition by appending to the parameter list in the override options like so (but without the whole alphabet!)


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