Error Code 3719

(SQR 3719) Columns names and expressions must be unique or be given unique pseudonyms (&name)

This is a common error for people new to SQR. It happens when you use SQR statements in a begin-select ... end-select block and do not indent them. If any SQR statement is flush left within these blocks (e.g. a let or move statement) then it will cause the error.

Note that the line shown in the error log file is actually the line directly after the error and not the line causing the error which can be rather confusing.

This error can also happen if you use the same table alias more than once. For instance, say you used the alias A for both PSOPRDEFN A and PSROLEUSER A. The error will appear telling you that the alias A must be unique. Simply use different aliases for each table, e.g. PSOPRDEFN A and PSROLEUSER B.

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