Error Code 4713

(SQR 4713) Cannot open the #INCLUDE file: 'setenv.sqc'
(2): No such file or directory

SQR for PeopleSoft: Program Aborting.

This generally occurs when you are trying to run SQRs manually (outside of the PeopleSoft process scheduler) and you haven't supplied the correct report arguments. Here's an example of the arguments you would use to run an SQR (using sqrw.exe). Note the trailing slash on the input directory is very important. Substitute PS_HOME with the appropriate path.

  • Report Name: PS_HOME\sqr\setspace.sqr
  • Username : sysadm
  • Password : sysadm
  • Database : PTDMO Report Arguments: -ZIFPS_HOME\sqr\pssqr.ini -iPS_HOME\sqr\ -oPS_HOME\log\setspace.log -keep
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