XML Publisher PDF Security

Any PDFs created by XML publisher will have security applied to them according to the contents of the file xdo.cfg which can be found in the PS_HOME\appserv directory.

Here's a sample of what this file looks like:

<config version="1.0.0" xmlns="">
        <!-- System level properties -->
        <property name="xslt-xdoparser">true</property> 
        <property name="xslt-scalable">true</property>
        <property name="system-temp-dir">CACHE</property>
        <property name="system-cachepage-size">50</property>
        <!-- PDF compression -->
        <property name="pdf-compression">true</property>
        <!-- PDF Security -->
        <!-- <property name="pdf-security">true</property> -->
        <!-- <property name="pdf-open-password">user</property> -->
        <!-- <property name="pdf-permissions-password">owner</property> -->

The PDF security section sets:

  • Whether PDF security is set
  • The PDF open password (default is user)
  • The PDF permissions password (default is owner)
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