PeopleSoft Administrator Role

The PeopleSoft Administrator role is all an all powerful role that contains one permission list PSADMIN. This is a special system role which cannot be modified. The underlying permission list, PSADMIN also cannot be modified. In fact this role and permission list is invisible in almost all parts of PeopleTools security except for managing user profiles.

Note that you can view this role & permission list in the underlying PeopleTools Security tables. If you're wondering how they are hidden, logic to exclude this role and permission list is actually hardcoded into the search views PSROLEDEFN_SRCH and PSCLASSDEFN_SRC.

According to Oracle, PeopleSoft code has been hardcoded to grant special access to this role & permission list. That is why the permission list PSADMIN does not appear at all when you select for it from PSAUTHITEM or PSPRSMPERM.

The PeopleSoft Administrator role gives a user full access to all menus (components), pages, component interfaces, web libraries, PeopleTools and just about anything else that can be secured through roles & permission lists. This does not include row level & primary permission list security.

Because this the role is all powerful, you'll want to be careful about who has it. You might even want to go and check that now in your system ...
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