Integration Broker Logging

Integration Broker logging can be very useful for troubleshooting messaging issues. It can be enabled through:

PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Configuration > Gateways.

Open your local Gateway (usually called LOCAL) and click on the Gateway Setup Properties.

Login to the gateway properties using the default user ID and password (they are provided on the page). You may need to ask your system administrator for the appropriate credentials if the default values do not work.

Once you login, click on the Advanced Properties Page link. This will open the file and allow you to edit it.

Scroll through the file until you find the logging section. The following line is what sets the logging level (2 is the default):


The logging levels are:

Level Value
-100 Suppress any logging
-1 Language Exception
1 Standard Gateway Exception
2 Errors and Warnings
3 Important information, errors and warnings
4 Standard and important information, errors and warnings
5 Low importance, standard, and important information, errors and warnings

The default log level of 2 should be sufficient for troubleshooting. Remember with logging less is more. It is easier to dig deeper once you've found the relevant issue rather than creating a haystock of log output.

You can view the message and error logs using your browsing by pointing to:

  • https://server:port/PSIGW/msgLog.html for the message log
  • https://server:port/PSIGW/errorLog.html for the error log

If you are having trouble determining the URL for these, look at your local gateway URL or ping it and use the same URL up to the PSIGW/ and then enter the appropriate message log page name.

NOTE: the names of the HTML files are case sensitive! So errorlog.html may not work while errorLog.html (capital L in log) will work.

If there have been no messages or errors logged then these files won't exist. Their locations/names may also have been changed in the integrationGateway.propertie file.

Check the values of:

  • ig.messageLog.filename
  • ig.errorLog.filename
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