Error in service HomepageT

While working on some Integration Broker configuration on an environment, I started getting a number of errors, and could no longer get past the login screen. On the PIA, the site just kept displaying the following:


Not very helpful! The application server logs (APPSRV_MMDD.LOG) was slighty more informative, giving the following messages:

Error in service HomepageT, CREF with URL can not be found:
Failed to execute HomepageTemplate request  
Service HomepageT failed

Turns out, that the HRMS node had been made inactive. This was the node being used by the EMPLOYEE portal for HRMS/Campus Solutions, so it needed to be active. You can check the nodes being used by looking at the PORTAL_HOSTNODENAM field in PSPRDMDEFN.

Updating the node to active, by setting ACTIVE_NODE = 1 in PSMSGNODEDEFN for the HRMS node, stopping the application server, physically deleting the cache files, and restarting the application server resolved the issue.

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