Field Requires Unsupported Conversion

While performing an alter on a table, I received the following error in the SQL Build log (PSBUILD.LOG):

Error: PS_EXAMPLE_REC - Field EXAMPLE_FIELD requires an unsupported conversion.  Record skipped. (76,29)

In this scenario, I had updated a field on a record after incorrectly making it a character field instead of a signed number. The conversion was from character (e.g. '1') to signed number (e.g. 1). However, the alter could not do this as indicated by the error.

Because this was a mistake in the field definition, I ended up dropping the field from the record definition, and performing the alter which dropped the column from the table. Then, I added the field back to the record definition and performed the alter which worked.

This works fine, if you have the luxury of dropping the data in the field ...

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