Migrating COBOL DMS

There are two parts to migrating a COBOL DMS (data mover script):

  1. Migrate the data mover script to %PS_HOME%/src/cbl
  2. Run the data mover script in Data mover

Migrating the script ensures that the correct version of the file exists in your target environment. Running the data mover script updates the COBOL SQL statements table PS_SQLSTMT_TBL with the latest version of the data mover script.

It is the PS_SQLSTMT_TBL that stores the version of the SQL statements run by a COBOL process. It is good pratice to have the DMS script files in sync with the version in the SQL statements table to avoid confusion.

When comparing versions of SQL statements (e.g. for comparing patches) use the PS_SQLSTMT_TBL as your definitive source, as the version in %PS_HOME%/src/cbl/ may not be same!

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