This article explains how to enable a COBOL SQL trace on a COBOL process definition.

First, determine the COBOL SQL process parameters by navigating to:

PeopleTools > Process Scheduler > Process Types

Open the COBOL SQL process appropriate for your operating system and database platform (e.g. UNIX and Oracle).


Copy the text in the Parameter List excluding %%PRCSNAME%% (not required).


Next, override the Process Definition parameter list for the COBOL you want to trace by navigating to:

PeopleTools > Process Scheduler > Processes

Open your COBOL process definition. In this example, I'm using the PTPDBTST simple COBOL test program delivered with PeopleTools. In the override options, set the parameter list option to override.

Paste the parameter list you copied into here, but make one small change. Just before %%DBFLAG%%there are two slashes //. In between these slashes enter your trace SQL bit mask. I normally use 135. So the parameter list should now look like this:



Finally, run your COBOL through the appropriate run control page. In the view log/trace file list you should see a file with the extension .trc. This is the COBOL SQL trace with timings.


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