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UserName not defined in database

Integration Broker

If you get this message with the web services listening connectors e.g. SOAP or REST: UserName n...

Custom Sorting with Decode


When trying to sort based on values that do not fit the standard ascending and descending sort lo...

Non Key-Preserved Table ORA-01779


You may get the following Oracle error when building a component with multiple scroll levels: OR...



Roles are used by PeopleSoft to implement security. A role is way of grouping one or more Permis...

Get roles and permissions for a particular user


The following query will return the roles and permission lists that a particular user belongs to....

Managing PS Queries


There is a way to delete and rename queries as well as to change them from private to public quer...

Configuration Manager


Configuration manager is a PeopleSoft Windows based application for configuring connecting settin...

Resolve Meta-SQL

Meta SQL

Meta-SQL is really handy, it lets you write database independent SQL and there are some really ni...

Last Refresh of Environment


Sometimes you'll need to known when an environment was last refreshed and may not have the detail...

SQL Account Is Locked ORA-28000


If you ever get the following message: SQL Access Manager SQL error. Stmt #: 2 Error Position: ...

Scheduled Jobset going to Completed

Process Scheduler

If you have a scheduled jobset that is going to completed, then it could be because there is a re...

PeopleCode Statement Number


Most errors and logs will point you to a particular PeopleCode statement number. But how do you f...

Process Groups

Process Scheduler

Process groups are used in PeopleSoft to implement security to access processes and jobs through ...

Show Hidden Borders

App Designer

As of PeopleTools 8.52, there's a nifty application designer feature called "Show Hidden Borders"...

Could Not Create Shared Cache

Application Server

One of the causes of the error Could not create shared cache. (0,0) on the signon screen is if th...



Welcome to the PeopleSoft Wiki! I started this wiki way back in 2007 as a place to collect and ma...

Web Service Target Locations

Integration Broker

Web Service Target Locations are defined under: PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Configu...

Journal Upload Process and XML Link


XML Link is used in a few places, for example the PeopleSoft Finance Journal Upload process. It i...

Preview HTML in Message Catalog


The spell check functionality in the message catalog actually lets you preview HTML. For example ...

Data Mover Directories

Data Mover

Data mover directories play an important role when you installing PeopleSoft. They are configured...

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