%TextIn is a Meta-SQL construct which is used for inserting data into PeopleSoft Long Character type fields. You will need to use this when long text strings into a Long Character field in certain database platforms. PeopleBooks suggests it is necessary for Sybase and Informix. I have found it is also necessary for Oracle.

For example, to insert into PSMSGCATDEFN table, the field DESCRLONG is Long Character field. You could use Meta-SQL like this:

  VALUES (:1 
  , :2 
  , :3 
  , :4 
  , %CurrentDateTimeIn 
  , %TextIn(:5))

This ensures the long character data will be inserted into the DESCRLONG field. Without the %TextIn around the bind variable, you will get errors like this in your TraceSQL log:

8015 - Bind value is too long
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