Change Access Password

Data mover includes a command called CHANGE_ACCESS_PASSWORD. The purpose of this command is to reset the database password in the PSACCESSPRFL record for the database system user that typically owns the PeopleSoft schema (e.g. SYSADM for Oracle or sa for Microsoft SQL Server). Effectively, it is a way of synchronising a change in the database system user password for these accounts with PeopleSoft.

A typically use for this command might be the scenario of refreshing databases. The SYSADM or sa account in production will likely have a different password to a test PeopleSoft environment for security reasons. In order to ensure that the refresh works correctly, part of the refresh process includes issuing the CHANGE_ACCESS_PASSWORD command to update the PSACCESSPRFL record accordingly.

The syntax for the command is:


The SymbolicID is the account used by PeopleSoft to link users (operators) to the system account which is stored as ACCESSID in the PSACCESSPRFL record and encrypted.

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#1    Deleted User commented 3 years ago

Please note, in PT 8.55, there is a new table that stores the Access ID/Password. The new table is PSACCESSPROFILE

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