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Open New Window PeopleCode


Sometimes you need to open a new window to a PeopleSoft page and when that windows opens you lose...

Restarting PUBSUB

Integration Broker

For integration broker configuration changes, it is possible just to restart the PUBSUB group of ...

XML Publisher PDF Security

XML Publisher

Any PDFs created by XML publisher will have security applied to them according to the contents of...

URLs to Hyperlinks


As a follow on to the Email Mailto Links Regex article, this article gives an example of a People...

Limit Control+J Information


The browser shortcut key combination Control+J or Ctrl+J (which you sometimes need to press twice...

Not Authorized to Invoke Service Operation

Integration Broker

While testing a web service (via a CI), the following message came back (this is using soapUI): ...

Convert Emails to MailTo Links


The following PeopleCode function finds email addresses (using a regular expression) and encloses...

Web Server URI


If you need to retrieve the web server URI for rending images in HTML emails try this method Get...



AddToDate is a PeopleCode built-in function for manipulating a date in PeopleCode. You can use i...

Search Message Catalog Explain Text


The following PL/SQL is my attempt to search the message catalog for a particular piece of text s...

PeopleSoft Servlet Directives


PeopleSoft Servlet directives give you a number of useful functions. To use them, append the app...

Creating Excel Files


With SQR, you were always limited to writing CSV files, unless you had some sort of overpriced th...

Repeating first item in XMLP reports

XML Publisher

In an XMLP report, I was finding that the first item (first data entry) was being repeated in the...

Filtering Upgrade Options

App Designer

App designer allows you to filter the upgrade options for your project definitions. To use this f...

Web Service Target Locations

Integration Broker

Web Service Target Locations are defined under: PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Configu...

Redirect To Login Page

Application Server

When you access the root level of your PeopleSoft site, you normally get a web server message tha...

Check if a Directory Exists


How do you check if a directory exists on the application server? The following code is one way ...

Error while loading shared libaries

Process Scheduler

If you get the error: $PS_HOME/bin/{DBTYPE}/bin/sqr: error while loading shared libraries: l...

FieldChange Event Does Not Fire


A FieldChange PeopleCode event may not fire on a field if the component is set to deferred proces...

Hiding Portal Folders


A common security requirement is to hide a portal folder in the left hand navigation menu from us...

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