Development Roles

In your development environment, you will typically have super user access. Most people achieve this by cloning the PS or similar delivered super user. The problem with this is that you end up with a large number of roles (138 in the case of Campus Solutions) which you don't actually need.

Having too many roles can actually slow things down as PeopleSoft needs to look at your security every time you navigate around or do something.

Here's all the roles you really need:

Role Purpose
PeopleSoft Administrator The All Powerful PeopleSoft Administrator Role gives you full access to the portal and menus
PeopleSoft User Basic role that all PeopleSoft users need
ProcessSchedulerAdmin Process scheduler administrator (let's you see view log on everyone's processes)
ReportDistAdmin Report manager administrator (let's you see other people's reports)
XMLP Report Developer XML Publisher Report Developer
Your Institution's Development Role The role used by your institution for development security - if you use one

This should speed things up for you slightly.

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