Copying Projects

Copying to a File

Before copying any project to file, make sure you have verified the following:

1 . Navigate to the Upgrade tab in Application Designer (normally this is on the Development Tab) 2. Go through each definition (Component Interface, Component, Page, Record, Field etc) and verify that they all have an action fo Copy (where appropriate) and that the Upgrade flag is ticked. Any definitions where this is not the case WILL NOT be copied to file.

You can also use the following SQL to check your project. Verify that UPGRADEACTION is set to 0 for Copy and TAKEACTION is set to 1 for Upgrade.


Once you have verified these setting you can then copy your project to a file.

NOTE: that some PeopleSoft definitions will NOT copy to a file. For example: Message Catalog Entries and Roles.

Copying from a File

This means importing a project from a file.

There are two files associated with all exported projects:


The .ini file contains meta-data about the project while the .xml file contains the actual project definitions, so it can be quite large. There are some catches when copying a project from a file to watch out for:

  • The .ini and .xml files need to be inside a folder with same name as the project.
  • The .ini and .xml files cannot be read only. Check the file attributes.
The above situations will cause the copy from project dialog to not show the project in the list box. So if you think you are in the right folder but can't see the project file, check these conditions.

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